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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 14, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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she has not having twins. i figure out why the portrait looked tire, probably when she had all the morning sickness. i thought about this last night. >> bob: my turn, i told you about taking my son to college. we took him there on saturday. two of us at rollins. alex, picture of alex as his freedom about to be given to him. i went to orientation for parents. i got to tell you something, it was unbelievable. all they did is talk about the alumni eric bolling, the greatest baseball player ever to be at the college. they did mention "the five" and we got a standing ovation from the crowd. >> dana: nice. very good. my update is president bush 41 went home today from the methodist hospital in houston. he was only sad he wasn't able to thank everybody in perp for their kind words. how sweet. welcome back mr. president.
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>> kimberly: class act. >> dana: i hope you're watching. let me know. that's it. thanks. see you tomorrow. >> bret: while his vice president prepares to release recommendation from the gun task force, president obama on the debt ceiling said he will not negotiate while republicans "hold a gun to the head of the american people." this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama declares the health of the american people is not a bargaining chip. the president warns against the prospect of what he called republicans holding the economy hostage. over the debt ceiling. it was the primary focus of the last news conference of his first term. we have fox team coverage. seep your political analyst brit hume will have analysis of that event. correspondent shannon bream tells us about another big topic today.
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gun control. we begin with white house correspondent wendell goler on the partisan tone over the debt. good evening, wendell. >> good evening. >> bret: the party that doesn't control the white house is rarely happy about raising the debt ceiling. >> reporter: recent years a genuine threat not to do so. >> raising the nation's debt ceiling, the president told reporters is a necessity caused by spending in the past. not something to trade with congress for spending cuts in the future. >> they can act responsibility, and pay america's bills. or act irresponsibly and put america through economic crisis. >> treasury secretary geithner says accounting maneuvers let us hold out till march and obama suggested he is prepared to hold out longer by prioritizing what bills the government paid. >> social security checks and veteran benefits will be dela
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delayed. we might not pay the troop or honor contract. >> republicans reacted swif swiftly. john boehner said consequences of failing to increase the debt creeling are real but so, too, are the consequences of allowing our spending problem to go unresolved. the republicans challenge the notion that going through default. >> the default occurs if we don't pay interest that accrues on the national debt. that is not going to happen. we have enough revenue to cover that. >> looks at the void of series of spending cuts that kick in marm 1. it must refund most government programs by the end of the month. economic perfect storm and congressman says it comes at the perfect time for fiscal house in order. >> we'll face another credit rating downgrade, if we change the way that washington spend or borrows money. >> asked if a warmer personal relationship with the congressional republicans
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might make governing more efficient. he said a 2011 golf match with speaker boehner didn't sol tv problems that year. and inviting them to annual picnic doesn't help either. >> it doesn't prevent them going on the floor of the house and blasting me for being big spending socialist. >> the president excused the senate vote raising the debt ceiling noting there was no danger that it would fail then but he called the need to raise the debt creeling a failure of leadership. that shifted the burden on to the backs of our children and grand chirp. grandchildren. >> bret: thank you. the president is calling for a bipartisan solution to gun violence. this is as the top gun lobbying group draws a line in the sand over a possible move. correspondent shannon bream has that part of the story tonight from the white house. good evening. >> hello.
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>> the president of the nra says it's unlikely the president could get a ban through congress but the president said he will get something done with or without congress. saying it's time to put politics aside when it comes to finding ways to stop gun violence, president obama today said he plans to review the recommendations of the task force headed up by vice president and will "vigorously pursue their imple mation" and not necessarily with the help of congress. >> i'm confident there are some steps we can take that don't require legislation. and that are within my authority as president. >> the suggestion that he would act unilaterally that concerns the second amendment advocates. >> i'm not super pro-gun but i still feel like i want to get up with before they are illegal to get. >> in the wake of discussions about restricting guns, it was the highest month for background checks. 50% increase over the previous
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december. the president was asked about the anecdotal evidence of long lines and empty shelves at gun stores. >> those who oppose any common sense gun control or safety measures, have an effective way of ginning up fear. on the part of gun ores that the federal government is about to take all of your guns away. >> the president said there is an economic ange to the situation and creating fears about government gun grab is obviously good for business. today the nra responded, "the president should go talk to people buying fire arms and ask them why they are buying fire arms." today, many parents who lost children in the newtown massacre spoke out about a few group. sandy hook promise. they say is aimed to examine all the angles and work toward long-term change. >> there are steps government can take and laws congress
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with canpass. but to accomplish meaningful change we need to look to ourselves. passing a new law and moving op is not the answer. yes, to fundamentally change our approach. >> as we await detail option the vice president recommendation we know there are capitol hill lawmakers busy with proposals, including up with to give tax credit for those turning in assault weapon. and commission that looks at the overall problem of the mass violence. >> bret: shannon bream, thank you. get insight now from senior political analyst brit hume on both stories and the tone of the news conference today. good evening. >> what is interesting to see the tone and tenor of today, the last news conference of the first term? >> if you heard it and you didn't know when it was, you might think that the election campaign is in full swing. unusually partisan. most presidents may make a
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quiet reference to other part party. this president is more directly partisan than under normal circumstance than i can remember. i think he senses that the republican party is in bed with the public and if he deepens that problem for them, it softens them up to do things his way. but he was strikingly partisan. >> bret: what does it por tepid for debt ceiling negotiation? >> this is a place where the republicans have more leverage than in the recent fight over the fiscal cliff. the law already was going to raise taxes on everybody. that was a fact that republicans could never get around so they had to go around for by the time they voted op it was tax cut for most people. the debt ceiling doesn't get
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raised by itself. it has to be done. so they understand, it's not a popular step, as the president's own vote against it shows. they are trying to detract spending cuts as a price for that. the president accuses them of leading the blame for the blind and leaving chirp in the cold. this is a partisan brawl. >> he said they're suspicious of medicare and -- >> programs to make sure chirp have enough to eat. that is a remarkably harsh charge. >> quickly on the gun issue. by the tone with those answers, did you sense that there is a scaled back version of what we think we'd see? >> gun control proven in recent times to be remarkably dangerous issue for democrats. repeatedly gotten them political trouble. the passion and devotion of
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people who care about this will come and vote against you. even if you're wrong on that and right on everything else. real intensity. what happens in these things is there is some event with support in people and larm majority of the public for major new gun control but it tends to dissipate over time and once sense it has begun to desperate in the aftermath. >> bret: thank you. stocks began week mixed. the dow gaped 19. s&p 500 dropped one. the nasdaq dropped eight. we will get out the calculator to check out the numbers for the deficit reduction so far. that is coming up later. up next, is the u.s. entering a new battleground in the war on terror? [ male announcer ] when these come together,
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>> bret: the youngest and most innocent are victims of the syrian war. 13 people were killed including eight chirp. dense smog is causing problems in china. beijing is known, well-known for terrible pollution, but today is up with of the worst days ever. officials are recommending children and elderly stay indoors. leon panetta says the u.s. is hemming french against islamist extremenist mali. would not rule out getting american aircraft involved there. we look at the newest battleground in the war on terror. >> reporter: the u.s. is facing off against al-qaeda. preparing to provide military support and providing intelligence to the french.
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occupying the northern half of the west african country of mali since last spring. then they advanced south toward the capital when france 0 ground troops and conducting airstrike with fighter jet and helicopters against rebel targets. casualties op both sides. >> france is at war against terrorism. france is at war to main tain the security and the security of mali as well. a fendly state. >> aqim is active across northern africa. the u.s. officials describe it as well-funded, dangerous and a potential threat to europe and u.s. militants behind the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghaz benghazi, libbia, expected to have ties to the area. special force have been on the ground training soldiers there. >> we are concerned about this in mali.
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>> u.s. and canada agreed to provide airport to transfort french troops. the lust provide shared data from satellite and drops. critics say that the u.s. should have seen the moves by the militants in mali earlier and trained the mali military better. as for the latest offer of assistance, some say it's similar to the leading from behind role played by the u.s. with european allies, toppling of libyan leader muammar gaddafi. >> expression "leading from behind" is too popular. it's offnism for the united states not doing anything. that is what the future of the foreign policy will look like. >> some say the french president rushed the military operation to get ahead of the u.n. backed multilateral plan to deal with rebels in mali. whatever the timing, this mission with the u.s. on board in some capacity is underway. bret? >> bret: greg palkot if london. thank you. the state of the u.s. military
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is very much in flux tonight. the pentagon is staring at the very real possibility of severe budget cuts, as part of the looming sequestration. national security correspondent jennifer griffin on what that could mean. >> at the end of every war, the u.s. cut the military. in two years, the u.s. will go from 66,000 american troops in afghanistan to as few as 3,000. cost savings of $75 billion a year according to military experts. if the pentagon escapes the deep, immediate cut of sequestration, most agree that large defense cuts are looming. the man overseeing the cut is confirmed, defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. in august of 2011, hagel said the defense departmented was bloated, adding the pentagon needs to be pared down. i don't think the military looked at themselves strategically, critically in a long, long time. the u.s. military has gone from a cold war model of being
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able to fight two simultaneous wars to a 1-1/2 war strategy under president obama. given cuts in recent years. >> if we sudply have a crisis in the gulf with iran, if we sudply face a nuclear issue, which forces us to deal with preventative strikes we have a different military spending profile again. >> the u.s. army is preparing to eliminate two of the eight brigades in europe and may cut eight more brigades overall, reducing the army by 80,000 troops. hagel endorsed deep nuclear cuts backing a report by the group global zero calling for 80% reduction in the u.s. nuclear weapons arsenal that could save $100 billion in ten years. >> the problem is if you are going to cut the nuclear forces, and the nuclear stockpile, you to mod earnize it. you have to be absolutely certain that the remaining
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weapons meet the need and fully reliable. >> karzai says he will secure immunity for the troops to allow them to stay after 2014. the small force proposed means the pentagon will likely have to rely on expensive security contractors. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. still ahead -- why some of nation's toughest gup laws are not working if up with of america's most violent cities. first, you spend $6 billion hours a year trying to climb it. is anybody going to do anything about all the red tape in the tax code?
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>> bret: conservatives are complaining $51 billion aid package for victims of hurricane sandy include funds for recovery efforts from
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other disaster and up related projects. house will consider republican backed $17 billion alternative proposal tomorrow. trial is underway in new hampshire and case against oil giant exxon-mobil and citco. they want $700 million in damage to clean up the ground water and causeed by banned gas additive. the trial is expected to be the longest and most complex in state history. we told you last week the consumer advocate at the i.r.s. is calling for big changes. they want to simplify the tax code. it has businesses spending 6 billion hours a year working on their taxes. nine of ten of you pay mup to preparers or for software to help. chief washington correspondent james rosep advises don't hold your breath waiting for changes. >> dy you think you -- did you think you have no friends at the internal revenue service?
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>> i'm the normal taxpayer advocate. >> they are calling to simplify the 4 million words known as the u.s. tax code. to this up wielding document, nearly 5,000 changes made since 2001. average of one a day. >> we have repeated commissions, bipartisan commissions to look at tax reform. happened under bush and happened under president obam obama. with each passing commission, the tax code gets more and more complex. >> it has 16 incentives to encourage taxpayers to save for their retirement. then there is the a terptive mississippi tax or amt to force taxpayers to compute their taxes twice. once under the regular rules that permit deductions for dependents and the state and local taxes and then under amt rules that do not permit deductions. don't forget the dependency deduction, child tax credit and earned income tax credit. all of which relate to cost of raising kids but have
3:25 pm
different requirement based on the child's location and legal status. experts say not to expect meaningful tax reform this year. >> you have a clear commitment on the part of president obama and democrats to use tax reform as means of raising extra revenue. not creating re-knew neutrality. if you try to raise revenue out of tax reform you will get higher rates. >> at the news conference, president obama made clear what he thinks about the 4 million words simplifying them or using them to promote economic growth are not priorities. >> from the start, my concern was making sure that we had a tax code that was fair. and protected the middle class. >> another related reason who i the tax code reform never gets done each loophole credit, preference and provision is favored by some interest group or another. which is in turn backed by veritable army of lawyer, accountant fighting to keep them where they are. >> bret: thank you. no grapevine tonight. up next, president obama threw out a lot of numbers today
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justifying his position op raising the debt ceiling, saying his administration is already cutting spending. we'll run some of them. see if they add up when we return. this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at >> bret: we told you at the top of the program, president obama came out swinging at his news conference, swinging against republicans who want spending cuts in exchange for increase in the debt ceiling. and he rolled out a lot of
3:30 pm
statistics to back up his plan to reduce the deficit. during his morning news conference. tonight, a closer look at those numbers. >> we have already done close to $2 trillion in deficit reduction. if you add interest that we won't be paying, because of less spending, and increase revenue. it adds up to $2.5 trillion. >> the president said today his administration is on its way to a goal of $4 trillion in deficit reduction. over the next ten years. he said that his administration is already at $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction. now here is how he gets there. he says that the administration has already cut $1.4 trillion. $1.4 trillion in spending cuts. he adds to that $600 billion in new taxes. that is new revenue for just signed fiscal cliff deal.
3:31 pm
that, of course, gets you to $2 trillion. add to that, interest on what you wouldn't be paying on the higher debt figure. the interest and that gets you to the $2.5 trillion figure. now, the problem with that math, according to many right-leaning economists and analysts is that the only real number op this board, the only thing that you can really count is right here. >> all we have seen are $600 billion tax increases. those are in law. we haven't seen reforms or promises in the budget. we have yet to see spending cuts. that is the problem. >> in the end, the only thing on the books that counts as deficit reduction would be the medicare reductions. but remember, they turn around and spent that in the healthcare reform. >> bret: he took to youtube to explain the budget gimmicks in the reduction
3:32 pm
plan. >> gimmick number one is count as money already spent new spending op medicare doctors, pel grant and emergencies. gimmick number two is to count as the budget savings the cost of not having operations in iraq and afghanistan. >> there is a number, two sides seem to come close to agreeing to. >> con sense is we need $4 trillion to stabilize debt and deficit. if the goal is to make sure we are being responsible about the debt and the deficit, if that is the conversation we are having, i'm happy to have the conversation. >> i would agree with the president. we need $4.7 trillion to put america in safety again. he raised $600 billion in taxes so there is $4 trillion left to do. but i disagree that we have made any real progress toward that. not any entitlement reforms in interest if discretionary spending cuts that are in the sequester so where are the spending cuts?
3:33 pm
>> bret: more on this with the panel. shortly. the president talked today a lot about the fun control in the news conference and he said he may make some moves without congressial approval. but do gun laws actually make any difference in gup violence? tonight we look at chicago, with strict fun laws on the books already. rampant bloodshed. co brown. >> people do it -- >> in a weekend where 14-year-old ray was the youngest of three people gunned down in chicago, reverend jesseiacson called on the federal government to help. >> we need homeland security, not just police. >> no city has more mups than chicago. >> we count back-to-back nights shoot-out that parolees in possession of the type of magazines. where they had more bullets in their guns than the officers.
3:34 pm
>> chicago mayor was in a. to urging a comprehensive gun control bill. including background checks of sales, limiting high capacity magazine clip and banning assault clips. >> we see in chicago more guns than any other city. more that l.a. or new york. this is not an esoteric discussion about assault weapons. it happens all the time in city of chicago. we have pull them off all time. >> of the 7400 gups off chicago's streets last year, 300 or 4% were assault weapons. some in illinois want less focus on weapons. more on potential shooters. >> the overreaching broad gun control proposals that we're seeing do not to address the mental elliott issue. it does nothing the address the criminal issue. it really doesn't. >> former state lawmaker and prosecutor, cook county sheriff tom darden says if they want to make a debt in gun crime, prosecute more of them. >> the criminals know the penalty.
3:35 pm
you talk to them, and we do, they know absolutely if you are going federal on this case, we have problems. if it's a state case, we'll figure that out. a year or two. >> now, getting new gup control legislation passed even in a blue state like illinois can be tough. last week the jep assembly met in special session and couldn't find the vote for its own assault weapons ban even with democrats in control of both chambers. >> bret: steve brown live in chicago. thank you. military suicide hit a tragic record last year. the "associated press" reports there were 349 compared to 295 combat deaths in afghanistan. that is up from 301 suicide the year before. army had the most. 182. navy had 60. air force, 59. marines 48. but that was up by 50%, the larmest increase of all the services. good news now, former president germ h.w. burb is back home after extented hospital stay there. bush has be receiving
3:36 pm
treatment for respiratory problems since late november. he spent a week if intensive care last month. doctor says the 88-year-old, former president does not need special medication. but will continue fiscal therapy. we wish him well. we just looked at some of the president's numbers op deficit reduction. we'll talk about his news cop france today on that topic and the debt ceiling with the fox all-stars when we come back. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans.
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the issue here is whether or not america pays its bills. we are not a deadbeat nation. if congressial republicans refuse to pay america's bills op time, social security checks and veteran benefits will be delayed. we might not be able to pay our troops, or honor contracts with the small business owners. food inspeckors, air traffic controllers.
3:40 pm
specialist wos track down loose nuclear teles wouldn't get their paychecks. invesors around the world will ask if the united states of america is, in fact, a safe bet. the full faith and credit of the united states of america is not a bargaining chip. >> bret: the president of the united states today. his last news conference of the first term. quick reaction from mitch mcconnell who released this statement -- the president and his allies need to get serious about spending. debt limb debate is the perfect time for it. i know the most important issue confronting the issue of the country is deficit and debt. so we are hoping for a new seriousness on the part of the president with regard to the single biggest issue confronting the country. we look forward to doing so about the huge, huge problem. yonah goldberg. kirsten powers. charles krauthammer. okay, charles, start with the debt ceiling talk.
3:41 pm
what you heard from the president. >> the tone was remarkable. he talk about the republicans being suspicious of the social security and medicare by the oldest saw that you could hear. then he added making sure empovrished children get food. that's over the top. he said i love to hang out with a congressional picnic at these people who want to starve america's chirp. interesting ini havation. then he went over and over on the debt ceiling and he must have gone through the same idea 15 times. saying this is about honoring the obligation and paying the bills we have already incured. he raised the debt ceiling on how to depend on the ongoing
3:42 pm
financial assistance from the foreign country to finance the reckless, fiscal pollty. the point of raising the debt ceiling is to allow to us borrow. he talked about the debt ceiling a dozen times. not once did he use the word "borrow." that means we are going to continue to borrow for every dollar the government spend, only 60 cents of it come from taxes. the rest, 40% is borrowed mup. the reason that the republicans are objecting, we have to start to reduce the 40 cents. if you think about that. you are destroying the credit of the united states of america. >> surprising how much of the news conference dealt with this issue. it was pointed questions. there were only seven of them total. press corps that was hitting
3:43 pm
op this numerous times. your thoughts of the overall tone here? >> the tone was petulant. acting annoyed that people were asking him questions and they were doing the followup questions they don't normally do. that was good. they were pressing him on things. he is being asked about the vote that you just referred to. he didn't do a great job of explaining the situation. the back and forth going on whether we will default or not. that isn't the point. president put it out and said we'll be like greece and we will go under, weapon we are not at the same time it would be disruptive. that is correct. he didn't need to exaggerate it. social security checks would probably be prioritized and would probably go out. >> bret: be clear about this. the tax receipts come in. the first thing that gets paid is the interest on the debt. so that default is really not an option for the country.
3:44 pm
>> he could have been straightforward about that. the treasury says sax receipts will be 60%. 40% is disruptive to the economy. >> he says that social security check and veteran benefit will be delayed. >> highly unlikely. that is not what happened. >> it's a scare tactic. the republicans have a fair position. they want to extract spending cuts. the president should meet them halfway, i think. he is setting this up if you don't go in addition way, you like starving chirp and so on and so forth. >> on the tone of it was a strange thing. like do you not have a good enough time with people? he gave an monologue from woody a lep -- woody allen
3:45 pm
movie. it made me feel unsafe. president obama continually says outrageous beyond the pale and have we ever made spending cop tin jent op debt ceiling? we did it in 1985, 1990, 1993, 1997, 2010 and 2011. it's more like business as usual with the colleagues, wildly out there. >> obama and the democrats are using default as a weapon. not the republicans. they are saying you do exactly the way we want or you're in favor of default. you are crazy for having conditions but their only can is we have no condition.
3:46 pm
they shall prioritize debt payment first. period. so if that law was law, if the bill became law it would be impossible to default. then you cut spending to make up the rest of the shortfall. that is a different thing. >> but there are two different conversations going on, default for the whole country and then default on obligation. the 40%, that we can't cover. that there are people out there relying op this. you know -- >> but the problem with that point -- i think you are right on the analytical part. the problem is objective measure. they say it's outrageous to say we can cut spending on the obligations we have to people. it's impossible to cut spending by law or any other way. the obligations exist no matter what mechanism we go about cutting them. this is the one time we have a chance the cut spending. >> bret: i want to read the full quote from 2006. we should be fair in 2011 he said it was a political vote.
3:47 pm
>> raising the miles per hour debt limit is sign of leadership fail your. it's a sipe that we now depend on the ongoing financial assistance from the foreign countries to finance the government reckless fiscal policies. leadership means the buck stops here. i said washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today. on to the backs of the children and grandchildren. america has a debt problem and failure of leadership. americans deserve better. i'm going vote against the debt ceiling increase. today, he said that that never before has there been a group like the legislators who threatped to make this blanket. >> if we didn't do hypocrisy every night we veed a three-point panel. this is staggering. not just that he changed his
3:48 pm
position, but he heaps it on the people saying what he said seven years ago. >> bret: what should the republicans do or what will they do? >> they have to find something small but something reasonable that the country will agree with as a condition for raising the debt. not for eliminating deficit. it could be balanced budget amendment. don't stop the checks. they are asking obama instead of 40 cents off the dollar but cut a cent or two off the borrowing and we'll raise the debt ceiling. he is saying if you do anything, you are going to stick to default. i would channel him on that. >> the future of gun control from this administration ahead of recommendations out tomorrow by the vice president. that's next. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins.
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i'm confident there are some steps we can take that don't require legislation. within my authority as president. where you get a step that has the opportunity to reduce the opportunity of gun violence i want to take it. >> we don't think there is much likelihood that the congress will move on making gup control laws worse than they are. >> bret: vice president biden coming out with recommendations from his task force tomorrow. this as obviously gun shows are seeing a big up-tick across the country. in december of 2012, in fact, the highest month op record for background checks spiking nearly 2.8 million up 50% over the previous december. we're back with the panel.
3:53 pm
jonan, judging by the taupe of some of the answers from the president, it seemed like he was scaling back. he said he was support an assault weapons ban and supported things through legislation but it seems just by how he was talking about it, maybe it's just how you read it that maybe it's scaled back after the recommendation recommendations. >> yeah, he touched op part of the problem he had. he says, asked why are people buying guns, there is a way -- that's how progun people get ginned up. he's right. nothing would do that more than sweeping ambitious legislation to get the gups or something like that. there will be a little rhetoric that is out-size bud actual proposals much more small bore. for that reason. >> kirsten? >> i talk to somebody who has been involved in the talks,
3:54 pm
and that is the general feeling. gup control groups are more interested in a universal background check than they are in assault weapon ban. they say if you look at the two things that are the most talked about getting rid of this, you know, gun show loophole is probably their highest priority. there are 32 states that you can currently do that without a background check. they get in hands of criminals. people are realistic, too, preventing the mass shootings is very difficult. but you can do things to stop day-to-day shootings if you enup the metro section. that's what they are more focused on. >> bret: charles? >> i think we get aperience of motion. people want a sense they are doing something. for social issue on the planet to prevent the crazy and very rare massacres is something that is almost impossible.
3:55 pm
even if you implement measures it wouldn't have stopped the sandy hook shooting. i think what they will probably get, a misreading by the administration and the media of the mood of the country after sandy hook. i think they had the sense it was a wol sea change of public opinion, majority consensus in country remains we believe in the second amendment. i think there is also a realization you can make changes around the edges but it won't have a significant effect. i think there will be the stuff around the edges, background checks, there will be more studies of what are the causes of violence. you might get other smaller measures or spending on the me tall health. if the problem is the sporadic and unusual shooting it won't make a difference. homicide rate in the country
3:56 pm
has been cut in half since 1980. it's doing good things. it causes the mass shooting. >> bret: new york is stepping up the gun control measures and chicago today. will to mayor of chicago. >> i ordered all the chicago mention funs. to check any of their investn'ts. if they have it, we'll divest any ininvestments they have in any gun manufacturer. we see in city of chicago more gups than any other city. more that l.a., more than new york. >> violent place. >> it has a lot of gun control laws. >> stay tuned for local news in up with part of the country going overboard with one particular story. probably gonna. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate.
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